Power System Automation Laboratory pursues research activities in the areas of high impedance fault detection and distribution automation.

Power System Control and Protection Laboratory devotes facilities to the development of digital simulators for relay testing and systems for automated analysis of faults.

Power Electronics and Clean Power Research Laboratory have the capability for experimental work in the development of power electronic devices and circuits, including advanced power converters, motor drives and power electronic device simulation.

Electric Machines and Power Electronics (EMPE) Laboratory , is equipped with several state of the art digital signal processor (DSP) controlled motor drive test beds. Innovative motor drive topologies and electric machines are developed in this lab.

Power Electronics & Motor Drives Laboratory , Design, simulation, prototype construction, testing, and evaluation of medium to high power converters, adjustable speed motor drives, and hybrid electric vehicle propulsion components are done in this laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with several test beds, and associated instrumentation, for experimental evaluations. Sophisticated power electronic, motor drive, and vehicle simulation packages have been developed for advanced research and system design. Distributed solid state power systems can also be simulated in this laboratory.

The Texas A&M University Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering includes the following Research Groups: