Texas A&M University is home to the largest and second most highly-ranked nuclear engineering program in the nation. Our research facilities include two research reactors, seven accelerators and a high-energy pulsed plasma laboratory. These capacities are vital to advancing the critical role of nuclear power in achieving our nation's energy security, from electricity production on our national grids to smaller, distributed reactors for power and steam. Our future energy security requires a more substantive inclusion of wind and solar power in electrical production. Concurrently, plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles will enter the market and place new demands on the electrical grid.  Therefore, nuclear energy will increasingly become the linchpin source of carbon-free energy that allows us to combine key energy sectors, particularly the renewables, into a balanced portfolio.

For information about the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University, please visit their website: http://nuclear.tamu.edu/.


Arroyave, Raymundo, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Batchelor, Bill, Department of Civil Engineering

Cagin, Tahir, Department of Chemical Engineering

Ford, David H. N., Department of Civil Engineering

Medina-Cetina, Zenon, Department of Civil Engineering

Poston, John W., Sr., Department of Nuclear Engineering

Reinschmidt, Kenneth F., Department of Civil Engineering

Sanchez, Marcelo, Department of Civil Engineering

Shao, Lin, Department of Nuclear Engineering

Socolofsky, Scott A., Department of Civil Engineering

Tsvetkov, Pavel V., Department of Nuclear Engineering

Vierow, Karen, Department of Nuclear Engineering

Wang, Haiyan, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering