Solar energy is a popular renewable energy source, yet only a fraction of available solar energy is used. Solar technologies are classified as passive or active depending on how the radiant energy is captured, converted, and distributed.


Alvarado, Jorge L., Department of Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution; Joint Appointment, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Anand, N.K., Department of Mechanical Engineering

Balog, Robert S., Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Banerjee, Debjyoti, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Biard, James R., Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Bracci, Joseph M., Department of Civil Engineering

Cagin, Tahir, Department of Chemical Engineering

Capareda, Sergio, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering

Cheng, Zhengdong, Department of Chemical Engineering

Damnjanovic, Ivan, Department of Civil Engineering

Enjeti, Prasad, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Fang, Lie, Department of Chemistry

Ford, David H.N., Department of Civil Engineering

Holzenburg, Andreas; Department of Biology; Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics

Koch, Matt, TEES and TCAT

Kuo, Yue, Department of Chemical Engineering

Martin, Michael, TEES and TCAT

Nielsen-Gammon, John W., Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Pappas, John, Texas A&M Energy Institute

Vaddiraju, Sreeram, Department of Chemical Engineering

Walewski, John, Department of Civil Engineering

Wang, Haiyan, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Xie, Le, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Center, Labs and Facilities

The 12 departments in the Dwight Look College of Engineering are conducting world-class research along with researchers from the Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) to help solve everyday problems, improve quality of life and promote economic development. Some of the finest engineering laboratories and equipment are located on our campus.